Strength 4 Endurance

Warm-Up: 4 rounds KB Complex x 6 reps

  • Goblets
  • L-Arm Swing
  • R-Arm Swing
  • L-Arm Clean
  • R-Arm Clean
  • L-Leg DL
  • R-Leg DL

Work: 10 rds

  • 2 x KB Front Squat @88kg
  • 2 x Split Jump

Work2: 6 rds

  • 5 x Scottie Bobs @ 30# DB’s
  • 5 x Horizontal Ring Pulls
  • :30 Airdyne (arms only)

Finish: 4 rds — Core

  • 15 x Plate Sit-Ups @ 25#
  • 15 x Side Plank Lifts
  • 15 x Floor Back Extension


Great workout. Challenging, but extremely effective strength training for the endurance athlete. 45 minutes in duration. No fixed rest. Constant flow. Focus on breathing and full ROM on exercises.

By Xclusive Fitness

Get Fit. Be Healthy. Stay Confident.

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