The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

The best investment you will ever make is your steady increase of knowledge. Invest in yourself. Thirty minutes of study per day eventually makes you an expert in any subject – but only if you apply that knowledge. Study alone is no substitute for experience. Education is always painfully slow.

Repetition.                          Confidence.                                    Skill.

Practice what you want to improve on or get better at. Repeatedly dedicate a part of your day to this endeavor. With consistent practice, comes confidence. Have confidence in your ability to execute, improve, and achieve your goals. Through confidence and consistent repetition you develop your skill. Skill makes things happen in difficult times or situations. This is applicable to all areas of life. For our intents and purposes we want to use this formula to achieve great things in our health and fitness.

Success comes from diligently pursuing our “why”. We must never lose focus of why we hired a coach, purchased a training program, and/or invested resources in an effort to make something happen.

It is through the application of available, acquired knowledge and resources that we improve our lives. Never forget why you started something. Never forget what caused you to initially create action.

  • Repetition
  • Confidence
  • Skill

Master the thirty minutes investment formula. Embrace each new day as an opportunity for improvement. With repetition comes confidence, and from repetition and confidence we develop skill. Skill is ownership of the ability to achieve that which we put our minds to.

Onward and Upward!

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