Evolving Endurance


We must continue to increase our endurance demands. To achieve this aim, we have two ways; one is running, but you have to increase the distance of your course every day until you are satisfied with it. The second thing to observe is progression; start out slow and then gradually build speed as your conditioning improves. All of this training will lead to a result of increased frequency of breath and heartbeat, and (during intense training) you will feel an unbearable feeling, but you do not have to fear. That point will be the maximum limit of a man’s physical energy… after taking a rest you will soon recover. It is only through this compulsory hard training that one’s physical energy can expand continuously.



  • Let go of forcing things;
  • Let go of outcomes;
  • Let go of your thoughts about outcomes;
  • Connect only to the doing;
  • Focus on doing the doing, being the being, being all here, being completely present, and being fully connected;
  • Become your performance by being inseparable from what you are doing.


Endurance is not work; fitness is not work; exercise is not work. The path we take is our own. Movement connects and fosters personal experiences. Following prescribed workouts is a great place to start, but we must be careful not to compare our outcomes to the creator of the program, nor others that have completed the program. We must associate with only our former self. Our previous physical self-representation is the only place to compare.

It is of utmost importance to have this understanding of the patience and persistence that will be required to persevere week after week. The practice of removing the obstacles in your mind is like moving the clouds from the sky to let the sun shine through. “By removing the obstacles in your mind, you allow the pure connection to shine through,” Terry Orlick, In Pursuit of Excellence.

What we are doing is not extreme. We are not competitive bodybuilders, professional exercisers, extreme athletes, or paid performers. Therefore, our priority must be to establish a pure connection to our daily movement. Does it connect you with your environment? Nature? Community? Yourself? Does it clear your mind? Does it enhance the experience of living? … Asking these questions is vital in understanding your connection to your activity or sport.

Above, I listed a quote from Bruce Lee on endurance. He is talking about the process of increasing your capacity to endure. Distance and speed are quantifiable, thus tracking improvement is rather easy. Yet, being conscious enough, connected enough, to increase your capacity is not automatic. This is where you must use your willpower to continue to expand your ability.

There is no maintaining when it comes to living. You are either improving, or falling. A focused intention in your daily practice will allow progression. An acceptance of decreased capacity and ability places lowered expectations on the body and causes a profound loss of power of mind. Weakened mind equals diminished willpower.

Set goals and foster experiences. By endurance we conquer!

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