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Fitness + Lifestyle Design

Parameters – Elements of Experience – Self-Expression

Those who risk, win. Dare to become your best self. 

Movement / Nutrition / Longevity / Performance

  • Movement:
    • Strength / Endurance / Mobility / Flexibility / Capability
  • Nutrition:
    • Sustenance / Hydration / Health / Ethics / Participation
  • Longevity:
    • Aging / Lifespan / Quality / Opportunity / Experiences
  • Performance:
    • Athletics / Career / Professional / Skill / Specificity

Lifestyle is a self-defined representation of your fitness, manifesting as the ability to do that which your mind + spirit desires.

  • Fitness is an expression of lifestyle.
  • Appearance is a consequence of fitness.
  • Fitness is the product of skill.
  • Repetition is the mother of skill.
  • Intentional repetition is the paramount action forward.

That which we repeatedly do we become. Therefore, intentional action directs the outcome. Attention is the missing element. Without it, nothing substantial develops. Acute interest in each element of the lived experience offers the opportunity to direct the journey.

Self-expression. Choose how you want to move through your lifetime. Decide what to live for: yourself or something else deemed greater. Lifestyle is a choice. When you’ve cultivated and curated a vessel (body) you are proud of, your view/association with apparel/clothing/outfit changes. Awareness increases attention to detail. To invest time, energy, and resources to discover your potential is a unique choice. One might go so far as to say uncommon. Most will not care to be this aware of/accountable to the power of choice.

Discipline. A trait often talked about in the success of others. Yet, its weight is felt in each decision to be made. To blame habit, or some inherited “tick” for behavior is not acceptable. Pay acute attention to the superficiality of your days. Define. Decide. Do.

A lifestyle undefined is a product left to fate.

There is a process to the fitness + lifestyle path. Knowledge of cause & effect, followed by the discipline to be accountable to / responsible for, your actions are the primary requirements.

Time is a finite resource. By not making a choice you’ve made one. The effect of today’s action (cause), becomes a continual expression. To express/say/tell about an intention, or profess a philosophy, means nothing without action. Thus, the importance of lifestyle choice to own the experience.

From original thought stems worthy goals.

An activity/hobby/sport is often associated with a lifestyle. I caution against taking this approach as removal of said activity, via injury, change in environment, or any other means subsequently leaves you without an identity. I’ve born witness to decades lost via this process. This gap can be filled with fitness, physicality, or any form of artistic expression. Make it a part of who you are, let it stem from your personality, yet heed caution if it begins to become a defining element of your life.

Focus. A new path can be ripe with confusion. Decision fatigue is the bane of many otherwise successful intentions. Information will continue to flow. Your vulnerability to it will depend on its accessibility to you. Protect the mind and spirit from outside influence. Cultivate a mastermind of experts whose voices comprise your personal boardroom of advisors. Define your path. Stay accountable.

Acknowledge. It’s OK to care. Truly. Your vision for yourself need not align with an advertisement, promotion, or another’s product. Success is offered as the completion of a storyline. The perfect alignment of time and circumstance is fiction. The path, your path, will never be a prescription or a mold. You must own you (the product). Define. Decide. Do.

Move with purpose. Flex your head. Understand, it’s up to you.

Attitude. Think up. All positivity is up. Action is up. Use it to define and refine your image. Mentality decides personality. Attitude. Action. Acceleration. The next rep is the unknown. The next mile is the unknown. Get fired up to explore the depths of your life! See them. Study them. Make the unknown known by aggressive, directed action. Think forward. Think opportunity. Think growth.

Longevity. Hope and compassion foster the potential for duration. To live long we must define what to live for. A growth mindset is non-negotiable. Anger, pain, and fear are not on a part of this path. Stress and tension, in the absence of exertion, aren’t on it. An opportunistic attitude propagating positivity is on the path. Positivity feels and looks like potential.

Simplicity. We arrive at simplicity from years of trial and error. Accumulation of ideas, activities, hobbies, and the possessions that follow leave a path of clutter in their wake. We belong to this clutter as it resides with us. When we move it moves. When we move-on it sits idle, residing in a space where simplicity could spread its wings.

Persistence: a product of habit: a product of prioritization and repetition.

Eliminate. Excellence demands a narrowed focus. Gadgets and tools move us further from simplicity. To improve the self all actions must be assessed. Where do the arrows point? Always back at you, toward the center. Act from this place of prominence within your own life. Fear the false satisfaction of possession for it is fleeting and draining.

Accumulation is complexity.

Understand what is actually needed.

Cut away the excess.

Keep eliminating until what remains is you.

Know yourself better than you do any topic.

Form/re-form your lifestyle on a daily basis.

Cause & Effect / Fitness / Style / Image / Presence / Personality

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