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The desire to live an elevated existence stirs within. Your path is traveled above the plain of the masses. You avoid the common conversations, and seek the truth; your personal truth. The information that enters forms the thoughts you have. Thus, you curate a circle of uncommon individuals who likewise, inhabit life above the plain. 

The product is never accidental. The result was never a surprise. 

As your advisor, personal coach/trainer my passion is your results. The topic we are addressing is one that manifests as an intended outcome. Goals precede actions. Health is a consequence of behavior. Cavalier attitudes toward life rarely transmute appealing endings. 

The pursuit of pleasure is the great demise. Why? It never ends, only repeating itself again as desires continue to blossom. Routines are often pleasure/comfort based. They ease the mind. Anticipation for the reward is a drug. Expectation of a fear-based consequence negates action. It stymies growth and smothers potential. 

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek. — Joseph Campbell

Small moments of discomfort callous you to the fear. You come back with a little more tolerance and a little less fear. In a balanced equation, your level of skill is met with an equally challenging task. Here the mind-body connection is established and we function in a state of flow. 

Empathy. Curiosity. Wisdom. Desire.

Imagine yourself in difficult situations, alongside a friend of immense experience, and the skill set to guide you through the daily challenges. Simply knowing that you are not alone is enough to propel you onward and upward to the result you seek. 

Transformation is a poor replacement for truth. We seek your truth. My focus is on your human potential. Each of our DNA differs slightly, therefore a common truth is not useful. The process is a definition… an unveiling of your potential… a discovery of your purpose… which may be (many times is) less grandiose than your initial vision laid forth. Truth reveals. What follows is peace of mind. From a peaceful mind arrives a purpose-driven life.

Fitness is an investment. The vessel you inhabit will live out both the desire of the spirit and the dreams of the mind. Together, we keep you on the path of solutions. This life is not linear. What can you do, think, or feel right now, in this moment, with only the resources you have to harbor an outcome you can be proud of? This is all that will ever matter. This is lifestyle, personality, and self-image.

We don’t get a lot of time, so make it enough time. Remember, now is all that exists.

The Mindset Daily Seven (7)

  1. Focus time: get into flow
  2. Time in: judge less, boost mental health
  3. Down time: goof off, play, relax your face
  4. Physical time: creative movement
  5. Sleep time: restoration, closure
  6. Play time: try new things, look silly (yoga, dance, sing, learn)
  7. Connecting time: heartfelt level with other people, pets, or nature 

One reply on “Truth.”

Nice article! It is an interesting take on the human desire to pursue pleasure almost as if it is a drug that we consume. I think it’s super important start to become more self-aware and push towards that inner peace. I don’t think I know anyone personally who has truly mastered the art of stepping back from the rat race and working on themselves from within.

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