Thought Flow

Stagnancy –– Movement / Immobility –– Mobility / Lethargy –– Vibrancy

Unfit –– Fit / Hardship –– Ease / Sadness –– Happiness

Progression. To do less, but attain more. Arrival. There comes a moment, or period, in which life is dynamic. Time and energy are utilized in less physically intense ways. To succeed, one must accept this. Our physicality, the movements that result in our image, takes on a new role. The mind plays an increasing role in the equation. My toolbox is full, yet only a few of them are repeatedly used. My strength weighs heavily toward the short + intense variety. Frequency remains consistent, 8-10 sessions per week, all with a strong emphasis on play and exploration. 

Fitness Features:

  1. Application. Does it align with my goals? Play, exploration, a dance with the unknown… Am I building towards an endurance race? If so, does it engage/challenge the mind?
  2. Can I do it anywhere, at any time? Bodyweight varieties afford this: 
    1. Plank complexes
    2. Plyometrics
    3. Pull-ups
    4. Ring-training
  3. Does it allow me to flex? To flex is to control and resist. Trust; to build strength requires effort and exertion. Understand what is required to complete the movement, at the proper pace, under sufficient mass/resistance. Definition follows flexion. Flexion is a mind-body connection. 
  4. Genuine desire ensures repeated exposure. Get exposed.


To effectively employ the simple/minimal one must heighten all senses in the present moment. The opposite is to accumulate general or isolated fatigue via repetition, multiple modalities, and sets. Decide when you’ve done enough. If you have the ability to elicit the feeling (desired) at any moment, you will. 

Why not change your state?

Why not make more money?

Why not smile more often?

All is aligned when optimal skill is possessed. Skill. Can you act at the moment without planning, analysis, and/or judgment? Confidence. This manifests as belief in action. Trusting in the unknown of the present: next rep, next minute, next mile. To utilize the simple requires optimism in each action. Repetition. Frequency (use) of that which you enjoy simple steps of accumulation. State. Altered by movement induced breathing. Nasal focus. Build vigor, increase action. Change (physical, mental, emotional) soon follows. Empowered. Flow changes state. Movement lubricates the mind, body, and spirit. Power is increased by conquering the mind. Be careful using “should” as it is a delay-mechanism. It communicates internal conflict. Tense/relax. Remain relaxed and confident until tension is absolutely necessary. Sudden movements are flow killers. Seek control and express your power. 

Blueprints. Movement blueprints are designed with modification in mind. An idea is presented. An experiment follows. The live coaching session harnesses the power of spontaneity… driven with outcome in mind. You must go deep, exploring your edge. Tease your limit. Move forward. 

View all actions—each movement, as an experience. Accept your state, then and only then may you change it. Nutrition—eat when hungry, only. Eat-in preparation for prolonged physical activity. Eat to build muscle. You must consume substantial calories, gain mass, some of which will be fat, to achieve the objective. The athlete (client, trainee) must understand that replacement and replenishment of expended calories are required to maintain performance. In all choices be first clear as to “why” you are doing what you are doing. 

Note: it is more efficient to increase the intensity, decrease volume (duration), increase frequency, and decrease caloric intake to obtain optimal body composition, leanness, or image-based results. No amount of work will defeat overconsumption. Thus, a clearly defined outcome must precede action.

Relax/Recover/Repair/Rejuvenate/Restore. Results flow from behavior. What’s the goal? What’s the direction? What’s the outcome? Act accordingly. Composition change and improvements in physical performance are not accidental. They are however incremental. The focused individual is stimulated both mentally and physically. Thirst is quenched. Hunger is satiated. The body adapts to energy demand. 

Train consistent, at a relatively (or legitimately) high volume and intensity and the body will become efficient in caloric/energy expenditure. Removing the stimulus may also remove the desire to eat/drink adequately enough to promote recovery. The goal is a body prepared for the following day’s demand. Thus, some may rest “easy” whereas others may benefit from cross-training or light recovery movement/activity. One size doesn’t fit all. The goal/outcome must direct action. Therefore clarity must never be lost. To drift, behaving as an undisciplined adolescent is the ultimate self-deceit. 

Set daily intentions. What action will I aim at a higher outcome? Why not aim all actions higher? In due time alignment will be attained. Compounding positivity. A mind that believes in the path ahead steers all systems in that direction.

Affirm. Affirmations are mandatory. As a man thinketh so he becometh. You won’t talk your way to success but you can talk your way to right-action. Remember, it’s all-new until it’s not. Repetition is your ally. Yet the action of necessary repetition requires tenacity. Greasing the mental grooves eases physical implementation. Here you must only think and talk about what you need to do, not what you did. Presence leads to product. Thoughts lead to actions. Actions lead to outcomes. And so on. Affirmations help you work through any problem, perceived or real. Perform now, here, with what you’ve brought with you. With plan in place, release caution, focusing on how best to accomplish what is right in front of you. 

I am ready.

I am enough.

I am willing.

I am able.

I am determined.

I will begin.

I will commit.

I will persist.

I will persevere.

I will finish. 

By Xclusive Fitness

Get Fit. Be Healthy. Stay Confident.

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