Nutrition: The Power of Intent

Nutrition: The Power of Intent

Life thrives on routine. 

Consistency comforts. 

Day seamlessly transitions to night.

Change requires thought.

Is this good, or bad?

Should I, shouldn’t I?

Thought requires energy.

Decision produces conflict.

Choice builds discipline.

Food is life.

Nutrition is nourishment.

Satiety is satisfaction.

Act with joy.

Eat with intention and love.

Drink with joy and passion.

Pause perceptions.

Thoughts guide outcomes.

Happy minds build happy bodies.


How I feel about what I’m preparing, ordering, and eating determines how I feel afterwards. I live viscerally in my body. My mind fixates on it’s use each day. What, when, and how I will move. My nutrition is instinctual. I see a food item, assess its potential, and then act. 

I don’t worry about calorie content. I listen to hunger. When the stomach communicates, I respond. 

Fresh air. Sunshine. Fatigue. These lead to hunger. An active life lends itself to calorie deficits. A calorie deficit is difficult to climb out of. Therefore, the more active one is, the more their life improves. They view movement as lifestyle and nutrition as pure enjoyment. The movement (modality) defines the image. Nutrition fuels the movement. Choosing more nutrient dense foods improves the movement—lifestyle. A consequence of movement with intention is definition. 

Image is the product of accumulated action/inaction. Change the response, change the outcome.

Understand, for yourself, the history of the human body. Detach from your perception, as it arises from your past. Your perception will always limit your potential. Knowing this, seek inspiration from others for how you can live your life. Examples will always light the path. Potential is altered in the present and expressed in the future.

A tendency is not an absolute. You, I, we, have the potential to define today and tomorrow through action and intention. Educate yourself on potential. This is the power of the individual. Seek responsibility not protection. Your circumstances are your fault, in as far as you continue to represent them. 

All is choice and perspective. Whether speaking of nutrition, finances, relationships, etc. Strengthen your commitment to one, and you strengthen the bond in another. 

By Xclusive Fitness

Get Fit. Be Healthy. Stay Confident.

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