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Fitness + Lifestyle Design

Parameters – Elements of Experience – Self-Expression Those who risk, win. Dare to become your best self.  Movement / Nutrition / Longevity / Performance Movement: Strength / Endurance / Mobility / Flexibility / Capability Nutrition: Sustenance / Hydration / Health / Ethics / Participation Longevity: Aging / Lifespan / Quality / Opportunity / Experiences Performance: […]


Coaching Challenges…

The best coaches are the ones that struggled for success. Nothing came easy. They chose to endure the process of failure, incompetence, and defeat in order to improve, become confident, and to achieve. They chose process over product. The best coaches overcame many obstacles. They got creative, found their personality along the way, and expressed […]

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Nuts and Bolts of Fitness Coaching

Get fit. Be healthy. Stay confident.