Coaching – Are You Ready?

“You show me a boy or girl, man or woman with a desire to win, and I’ll show you a person who will work hard the thousands of hours it takes to win. Show me those who want to go to the top, and I’ll show you people who’ll take coaching. They will welcome it. They will beg for it. They will use every God-given talent they have to its utmost. They will drink in inspiration. If they lack desire, they won’t work. They won’t take coaching.”           – Bob Richards Olympic Gold Medalist / Speaker / Coach

Looking back at each developmental stage of my life, I can pinpoint a specific person that was pivotal to my progress. Coaches, mentors, and even friends come into your life at key moments when your curiosity, drive, and focus are at their peak. This is the law of attraction. Connection builds trust. From a position of trust, we open ourselves to suggestion and likely, honest criticism.

When I meet someone I’m always curious about where they are headed. What’s the future look like? How are the decisions they make aligning with said direction? What are the hard choices they are making or putting off?

This curiosity comes from my own self-analysis. I’ve wasted plenty of time. Been complacent. Lazy. Put off hard decisions. Wallowed in self-pity. Made excuses. Quit races. Given up. Been jealous.

The complacent, weak-self I described above ALWAYS occurred when I was without guidance, mentorship or coaching. What’s missing? Accountability and vision. Someone who knows when to build you up, as well as when to break you down and then put you back together.

As a professional coach myself, I value my personal coaches immensely. Investing in yourself shows maturity and a level of commitment to life that can only be described as UNCOMMON.

Lean it out. Cleanse yourself of the common attitudes and opinions of those around you. Self-limiting beliefs can be contagious. Protect your circle. Let your true energy and personality shine through and opportunities will present themselves that you couldn’t have imagined.

Are you ready?

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Sustainable Approaches To Health and Fitness

The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body. Exercise and athletics are growth. -George Sheehan

How to get the most results / success / gains / change, from the least amount of training? We all want answers to this question. As a fitness professional, having a template that conforms and applies to all individuals would be a dream. Countless hours have been spent trying to create such a product, or system to no avail. Yet, the consumer still desires, and in many cases expects to be offered such products (shake weight, 8-minute abs, 10 minute trainer, perfect pushup, etc…). Substantial physical change requires a lifestyle intervention, drastic measures, and extreme discipline. What are you willing to invest?

  1. Seek improvement and enhancement. Is this visual? Probably not so much. Can you feel it and describe it? Definitely. Does it make you happy? Hopefully. This can be an exercise, a series of exercises, an activity, a sport, or a competitive challenge. Enjoyment. Engagement. Improvement.
  2. Work with a coach, trainer, or specialist to get feedback. This is time well spent. Confidence builder. Very helpful in the day to day, week to week process.
  3. Career enhancement. We spend most of our time working on and in our careers. A huge portion of our life’s satisfaction comes from our chosen careers. Most of us are professional workers, not athletes. What exercises, workouts, and activities can help correct physical imbalances obtained from our jobs? How can they enhance my ability to perform at work? Can being more physically fit help me advance my ___ career? These are the questions to ask yourself, repeatedly.
  4. Know the Impact of Your Choices. If you are a top physician, researcher, educator, or attorney, etc. deciding to invest 15 hours each week into training for a triathlon most likely will have a negative impact on other areas of your life, in which you are already successful. Your optimal fitness may be obtained with as little as 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 5 days per week, and 15 minutes of strength training 3 days per week. Simple, right? Knowing the best, most practical approach to your lifestyle demands is key.
  5. For many of us the endurance activities are all we will ever need. Jogging, cycling, walking, hiking, playing… loving and committing to every moment of it.

The time benefit equation is delicate and constantly evolving. Understand yours, be flexible and forgiving, and optimize your fitness practice to give your life the most benefit.

Exercise is done against one’s wishes and maintained only because the alternative is worse. Happiness is different from pleasure. Happiness has something to do with struggling and enduring and accomplishing. We are our bodies, our bodies are us. Satisfaction is such a minor thing. Joy is what we want. -George Sheehan

Coach or Trainer? What’s the difference?



As I transition out of being  a personal trainer, exclusively, I’m presented with the question of, “who needs a trainer, who needs a coach, and what is the difference?”

To answer this question I look back and reflect on the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with at my last fitness studio. Most, came to me with the need of accountability, motivation, and a physical place and presence to meet a few times each week. They desired change, but could not facilitate it on their own. My responsibility was to cultivate that environment, providing solutions, and hopefully in the journey, foster a strong passion for health and fitness. Here, I am a trainer first, coach second.

So, if you fit the bill of someone I just described in the previous paragraph, you are not alone. A gym, studio, trainer, and consistent weekly appointments will be necessary for you. To be successful, this is where you have to start.

If you’ve already shown that commitment, have been working towards clear goals, have experience in training and competing in a sport or lifestyle activity, or understand programming and functional training exercises, a coach will be the best fit for you.

On the other hand we have the roll of “coach”. When I think of a coach I think of someone with a high level of knowledge and experience both as a doer and a motivator of others. They are also a mentor, trainer, psychologist and leader. This person customizes workouts and prescribes specific programs for the client’s goals, wants, and needs, whether that is sport specific (marathon, triathlon, ultramarathon, team sport, etc.) or lifestyle based (general health, corrective exercise, wellness, activities of daily living (ADL)).

As a coach (mentor and trainer), my roll is to give you the “right goods”. The correct formula for you to achieve your goal, and the proper guidance to ensure you progress consistently and rapidly. You do the work, you own the responsibility of your health, learning about your body, confronting weaknesses, and completing what you start. You get yourself moving and prioritize your health. We work together to break barriers, mental hurdles, psychological hangups, physical imbalances.

When you hire myself, or another fitness professional, what you are paying for is that individuals knowledge. If you want the lowest price, you’ll find someone with a lower quality product. Watered down information. If you want cutting edge, top of the industry knowledge, you’ll have to pay for it. This is worth much more than the $50-$70 per hour you pay to have someone observe your workout.

Before you jump, either way, think about your health. Think about your wants and desires. Think about your image and your needs. Really think about what it takes to mold and create that desired “you”. It is not 3 hours per week, or 4 hours per week. It’s a lifestyle, period. It’s how you think, how your express yourself, who you choose to socialize with or call as friends. It’s how stingy you are with your time and energy. How open you are to honest assessments, and how willing you are to take action in the here and now.

My goal is to get you on the right path immediately. From our first interaction/meeting we begin breaking down barriers and forming our plan of action.

Relentless, Forward, Progress…